This New Year’s Eve, it being the ideal occasion to do so, I both reflected on happy memories from my past and looked forward to a chicer future. I couldn’t have hoped for a more enchanting location for such contemplation than Paris.
The happy memories I enjoyed were of times spent visiting the city to watch the final stage of the Tour de France on the Champs Elysees with my parents. After watching the pros whizz past, we would go to the Brasserie Flottes on the Rue Cambon for our evening meal. We re-visited Flottes for lunch, which was both tasty and nostalgic!
The chicer future I envisaged was because of a special New Year’s Eve purchase. A trip to Hermes resulted in the acquisition of a Kelly Leather Orange Double Tour bracelet with gold tone hard wear and a yellow enamel bracelet detailed with the fashion house’s logo. I was originally just going to buy one, but upon trying them both on at the same time I couldn’t resist the colour combination!
Hope you enjoy today’s orange themed presentation!
Gemma x
Sweater: Zara  Coated Trousers: Zara  Bracelet: Chanel  
Necklace: French Jet, Flapper Length, 1930s  
Bag: Givenchy Antigona Sneakers: Kurt Geiger
We purchased our evening meal to eat in at our apartment from Dalloyau – they make some of the best pastries in Paris.
See for details.
Coat: Vintage Aquascutum, 1960s  Scarf: Monsoon
In Flottes, I had the Truffle Mac and Cheese – it was delicious. For more information, visit:
Enjoying our canapés and veloute from Dalloyau!
A chicer future awaits!