My vintage costume jewellery collection has been increasing recently thanks to an influx of items in hues of blue – a pop of colbolt seems to breathe life into every look. I decided to wear a combination of cool shades for a February 1st lunch with friends. The fresh, crisp tones seemed appropriate for the dawn of a new month and, hopefully, brighter weather! 
I’ve put together a Pinterest board inspired by blue, I hope you love this colour too!
Gemma x
Jacket: Vintage, Christian Dior, 1980s  Blouse: Reiss  Jeans: Asos  Sneakers: Hogan  
Bag: Chanel Earrings: Vintage, Czechoslovakian Crystal, 1930s  
Necklace: Vintage, Glass Bead, 1920s  Bracelet: Vintage, Enamel and Copper, 1930s  
Ring: French Market  Hair Accessory: Gerson