I haven’t posted since March. This has nothing to do with me loosing interest in blogging or with a decreasing zest for writing. But, it has everything to do with a whirlwind of happenings during the past six months. Emotions, encounters and experiences seem to have halted me in my tracks every step of my way. Not all of them have been entirely negative and each one has shaped me for the better. I lost my mojo for a while, for I was not always the blameless party. I had the wind taken out of my sails for a bit. Thankfully, the onslaught appears to have ended and I am touching wood – namely my head – that obstacles will stop coming along in groups. Now, it appears that I can keep on ‘keeping on’ once more.

My apologies for the abstract ‘status update’. This is a public blog after all that aims to convey all things style related. You are not here to bear witness to my bemoanings. I simply feel that I have some explaining to do regarding my absence. Also, the above paragraph is linked to the title and theme of this post…

I am sure we’ve all had moments where it seems like it isn’t just raining in our lives, it is pouring. I, for one, have felt (for just over three years now) as if I have been lifted up and placed down in a parallel universe. This feeling of living a life that was not supposed to happen has been particularly heightened of late. However, despite this, I have not stopped getting pleasure from my wardrobe. There have been plenty of diversions to counter the adverse too. I would like to share some highlights from my parallel universe fashions and favourable events below. Thank goodness for my camera because sometimes hardships can cast shadows over the happy times we share, unless we have something concrete to reflect upon. You might even see the odd piece of vintage costume jewellery too…

Gemma x

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At the Harvey Nichols, Manchester Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show…

Jacket: Sandro  Top: Vintage Chanel  Trousers: Zara  Shoes: Topshop  

Belt: & Other Stories  Necklace: Chanel  

Bag: Faux Pearl, Copper Wire and Velvet, 1940s


Off to watch Dolly Parton in Manchester…

Top: Topshop  Skirt: Vintage, Viyella, 1980s  Shoes: Topshop  

Bracelet: Coro Pegasus, Silver Tone and Blue Thermoset, 1950s  

Necklace: Czechoslovakian, Lapis Lazuli Bead, 1930s 



Summer festival wear…

Hair Accessory: Asos  Facial Jewels: Topshop  

Necklace: Grosse, Gold Tone with Barrel Beads, 1970s  

Ring: Unsigned, Faux Turquoise, 1960s Shirt: Zara  

T-shirt: Warehouse  Hotpants: Topshop  

Boots: H by Hudson  


Off to the Liverpool Tall Ships Festival…

Jacket: Monsoon  Dress: Sandro  Shoes: Zara  

Earrings: Unsigned, Watermelon Crystal, 1970s  

Bracelet: Unsigned, Copper and Faux Opal, 1970s  Ring: Links


Disney World, Orlando, Florida…

Top: Topshop  Shorts:Zara  Sunglasses: Tiffany & Co  

Necklace: Czechoslovakian, Pink Agate Bead, 1930s

Earrings: Pilgrim


Cornwall, UK…

Swimsuit: Norma Kamali  Skirt: Ted Baker  Flip-Flops: Vivienne Westwood by Melissa



Random Outfits…