Now…there’s a question.

It was something that was asked of me on my recent trip to London. Not only did I visit the International Jewellery Show at Olympia, I also spent a week studying Fashion Journalism at LCF from 1st September 2014.

I learned an awful lot in a short space of time and was able to build up a portfolio of a few style and art related pieces, which I hope to share with you over the coming weeks. “How do I Look?” was the title of my first piece of copy. The question was posed by our expert tutor, Paul Tierney, who has enjoyed a fascinating career in fashion. My response was inspired by the outfit I had selected to wear that day and what happened to me along the way.

Gemma x

“This morning, as I walked into the lobby of my apartment building, the receptionist told me I looked ‘lovely’. Whilst ‘lovely’ might not be the world’s most prestigious adjective, it doubtless put a spring in my step. Her vocal response to my appearance took my confidence levels from a seven to an eight (my hair was far too frizzy to score a full ten out of ten!). 

This event perfectly exemplifies the power of fashion. An item of clothing or an accessory can have such alchemical properties as to impact upon the way a person is perceived by those around them and this, in turn, can have an effect upon the way that person feels. 

I am guilty of using this style ‘magic’ to satisfy my own objectives. On occasions, my look is intended to convince others that I am far more self-assured than I truly am. Whilst, at other times, my guise may be driven to create an impression of casualness and demonstrate that I am no where near as high-maintenance as I can be.

Whilst I find nothing more therapeutic than pulling items from my wardrobe and compiling them together to make an overall look, there is something very rewarding about being complemented with glances or words on your style. I am not ashamed to admit that I dress for others, as well as for myself. It is wonderful to be able to affect people’s perceptions through colour and it is advantageous to be able to demonstrate your charisma with a skirt.

This evening, as I walked into the lobby of my apartment building, the receptionist was not there and I breathed a sigh of relief. Her choice of adjective may not have been as kind. My vintage, designer, high-heeled shoe was ‘talking’. The sole had come loose on my travels around London. As I slapped my way across the marble floor, I thought about the fact that, even though my outward appearance was more dishevelled than ‘lovely’, it still reflected my personality: I strive for elegant, calm sophistication, but my comedic nature always manages break through.”

The look (and shoes) in question…

Jacket: Vintage Earl Jean  Dress: Bowler Vintage, 1950s  Bag: Coach  

Shoes: Vintage Peter Kaiser  

Earrings: Joseff of Hollywood, Gold Tone Britannia Disc, 1940s

Brooch: Joseff of Hollywood, Gold Tone Bulldog, 1940s

More detailed shots of my dress and jewellery worn on another occasion…





Bracelet: Monet, Gold Tone, 1980s  Ring: Chanel








Espadrilles: Kurt Geiger