It works so well on her. A single pearl earring glistening brightly. Why wear two, when one has such impact?Paired with the deep blue turban, the olive green cloak, the slightly parted rose pink lips and that wistful over-the-shoulder glance – she has a look that street style photographers would clamour to snap. Sadly for the image makers, hers is a portrait that cannot be caught through a mechanical lens.

The ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ was painted by Johannes Vermeer in 1665. Despite being created at a time when ‘cavalier’ style was in vogue, the aesthetic of Vermeer’s girl is pertinent to the fashion world this season…because the single earring is trending.

We don’t have to look further than celebrities for inspiration as to how to work a lone earring. For the Red Carpet, Emma Watson has championed the jewellery trend on several occasions wearing both cuffs and drop earrings. She is particularly lauded for pairing Delfina Delettrez’s pendulous piece with Valentino lace at fashion week. Whilst, Jennifer Lawrence is also an advocate of lone earringdom, having been spotted in Christian Dior favourites the ‘Mise en Dior’ and the ‘Dior Tee Shirt’ earrings. Sold in pairs, the Dior’s are so versitile – they can be worn together or alone and come in a number of designs and colours of the rainbow.

Lonely earrings also featured prominently on the Autumn/Winter 2014 catwalks. They added an edgey glamour to Nicholas Ghesquiere’s premier collection for Louis Vuitton. Single, shoulder grazing, drop earrings made looks, that might have been too much of an homage to the Sevenites for some, contemporary again. In jewel coloured enamels and gold tone metals, Vuitton’s earrings have the look of a car key that has been lost, found again and adapted into jewellery. They complimented perfectly Ghesquiere’s girls, who were fashioned like sidekicks to Starsky and Hutch. One can easily imagine them hooking the Gran Torino keys onto their ears, whilst their partners solve a crime! Over at Celine, Phoebe Philo’s girl wore her single earring with ostentation and pride. The jewels appeared to have been constructed by piecing together trinkets collected on global travels – earrings that make a statement about one’s style and one’s passions. Again, the earrings were chandelier length and incorporated both silver and gold tone together. Some featured rhinestones in bright hues, touching Celine’s normcore knits with interest and originality.

So… the trend has been put out there. Designers and starlets have conspired to create a look we aspire to achieve. But how can we make this unique take on jewellery styling function in the real world?

If you are an ‘ordinary’ member of the public, it is certainly problematic to choose to leave one lobe bare. Models and stars have the support of world-renowned stylists and the bonus of being in the context of a fashion show or glossy magazine. We do not. A lone earring illicits reactions of horror from friends – “Oh no! You’ve lost one!” Whilst passers by on the street give you sympathetic ‘Manhattan Once Overs’ because they suspect you’ve miss-placed a piece of hierloom jewellery. The best option for us ‘normal folk’ to work a single earring everyday is to pair a statement piece with a stud on the opposite ear. This will enable all to see that you have purposely mismatched! Not that it matters what people think, but it avoids the trauma of being repeatedly interrogated about your jewellery.

You can buy individual earrings to allow you to work this trend, but the most logical choice is to choose a pair and have the option of wearing one or two. After all, it’s safe to say that the single earring is a micro-trend that won’t last forever. Invest in a good pair for the future. I have selected a few pieces from the Gemma Redmond Vintage collection that are true statement earrings. Paired with faux pearl studs in pink and grey hues or fine diamond studs, they do justice to the trend. I styled these ‘lone stars’ with a basic grey knit from Zara and my hair in a high-ponytail – such avante garde jewellery styling requires everything else to be minimal. Unfortunately, my blue turban and olive green cloak were at the dry cleaners.

Enjoy the trend.

Gemma x