A new year and, finally, a new blog post!

I must apologise for my absence of late. I’ve missed regularly musing on all things style related. But, it has been with good reason. Over the past two months, I’ve been focusing solely upon the launch of Gemma Redmond Vintage. Click on the ‘Shop’ link at the top of this blog and you’ll find the fruits of my labour (or should that be the ‘jewels’ of my labour). My online boutique is now ‘live’.

As regular blog visitors might be aware, encouraging others to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of vintage costume jewellery by wearing it anytime and anywhere, is something that I am passionate about. It’s wonderful to now officially own a store which promotes this manifesto. I hope that many of you will enjoy browsing, buying and wearing pieces from Gemma Redmond Vintage as time unfolds.
The objective now is to promote and develop my business, with this blog both complimenting and shaping the Gemma Redmond Vintage brand identity.
So, let’s kick start 2015’s blogging with an obligatory look back. Here’s a few looks from the past couple of months that I had zero time to write about. The vintage costume jewellery in them deserves to be shared!

Gemma x

In November 2014, I went to watch the magnificent Lady Gaga in her ArtRave Tour. I think I entered into the spirit of things with my chosen look, paradoxically wearing vintage to a rave!

Also, in November 2014 I embraced a mostly vintage look for the ‘Swing Patrol Ball’, Manchester.

I wore plenty of Gemma Redmond Vintage pieces when out and about in late November 2014.

At the beginning of December 2014, I celebrated the launch of Gemma Redmond Vintage with a party.

One of my (many) New Year’s resolutions has been to become more active on Instagram. I’m loving using it to extoll the virtues of vintage costume jewellery and parade some of the pieces I wear on a day-to-day basis. Here’s some images from my account earlier this month…