New York Fashion Week saw the king of Athleisure, Alexander Wang, return to his favoured black on black styling. In his Autumn/Winter 2017 show, the likes of Bella and Kendall stalked the runway wearing all shades of midnight. Whilst presenting a collection in monchrome might appear simplistic at first glance, it actually takes great skill with layering and tailoring to make for a successful haul of designs. Take this look above, for example. With the hem of the blazer falling just below that of the mini and the cuff of the dress exposed beyond the jacket – it’s these juxtapositions that make for a winning ensemble. Indeed, off-kilter details are Wang’s subtle speciality. Note the bumbag –  carried, not tied around the waist. And observe the boots – zip positioned at the front, not at the side.

Such a quietly confident outfit deserves a similar piece of jewellery. This 1920s black and transparent glass flapper necklace will do the trick. It’s in complimentary tones and representative of Wang’s aesthetic – sometimes it isn’t necessary to shout with colour, but let design and quality do the talking.

Take a closer look at this necklace, here…