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The Goodwood Revival 2014

The Goodwood Revival is a paradise for petrol heads with a passion for vintage motorbikes, cars and aircraft…

Ok, admittedly, this is not an a-typical opening statement for a fashion blog. But the Revival is also a haven for style lovers too. Particularly those who enthuse about vintage looks.

On September 13th and 14th, I visited the Revival for a second time. Accompanied by eight family members and friends, there was something there to entertain us all. The Goodwood Revival is an annual celebration and commemoration of all that was popular and taking place during the famed race circuit’s heyday from the early 1940s to late 1960s. Revivalists ( as they are affectionately termed) are encouraged to attend the event in period looks and this is what particularly made the event appeal to me. Any opportunity to show how Gemma Redmond Vintage pieces would have been worn at the time of their manufacture is very welcome!

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It's the little touches...

The London Diaries: Part 1…

I recently enjoyed a weekend in London with my mum. Visiting the Capital has luckily become something of a regular treat for me and this latest jaunt was no less fun than usual. If anything, it was one of my most special trips to the city because we treated ourselves to a stay at ‘The Langham’.

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The Green Jacket…

This weekend, I visited Manchester for shopping, lunch and a haircut. It was a windy, cold day but, feeling bold, I opted for form over function; style before practicality. I gave my Moncler down coat a day of rest, pulled on my vintage YSL jacket  and braved the elements!  I think that the shades of […]

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