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Influenced by the Sixties…

Sixties vibes seemed to permeate the vast majority of collections during the Autumn/Winter 2014 shows. It is only natural, I suppose, that I have therefore been drawn to 1960s pieces in my vintage shopping of late – both for items for my store and clothing for me.

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Dressing for a Parallel Universe…

I haven’t posted since March. This has nothing to do with me loosing interest in blogging or with a decreasing zest for writing. But, it has everything to do with a whirlwind of happenings during the past six months. Emotions, encounters and experiences seem to have halted me in my tracks every step of my way. Not all of them have been entirely negative and each one has shaped me for the better. I lost my mojo for a while, for I was not always the blameless party. I had the wind taken out of my sails for a bit. Thankfully, the onslaught appears to have ended and I am touching wood – namely my head – that obstacles will stop coming along in groups. Now, it appears that I can keep on ‘keeping on’ once more.

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Full Circle…

Last week, I ventured out on a school night to visit a great local restaurant with friends. For the occasion, I decided to resurrect an old favourite.  Just over nine years ago, I chose to buy an embellished and embroidered, midi length, full, circle skirt from Monsoon’s Originals collection to wear to my 21st birthday […]

All about orange…

This New Year’s Eve, it being the ideal occasion to do so, I both reflected on happy memories from my past and looked forward to a chicer future. I couldn’t have hoped for a more enchanting location for such contemplation than Paris. The happy memories I enjoyed were of times spent visiting the city to […]

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