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Joan’s Jewels

Joan Rivers was a remarkable comedian. She had the power to make opinions that were so wrong seem so right. It was hard not to see the humour in her controversy and not to find her ability to ‘tell it like it is’ endearing. Yet, Joan was not just a comic. She was a highly skilled business woman too.
In the late 1980s, she decided to establish her own costume jewellery company. Joan was renowned for her style and it seemed logical for her to found a business which made her aesthetic accessible to all. She made a bold choice to sell her jewellery on the QVC shopping network and it proved to be the perfect outlet. On the TV she could use her great charisma to convey the beauty of her pieces and share her enthusiasm for costume jewellery over time.

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All about orange…

This New Year’s Eve, it being the ideal occasion to do so, I both reflected on happy memories from my past and looked forward to a chicer future. I couldn’t have hoped for a more enchanting location for such contemplation than Paris. The happy memories I enjoyed were of times spent visiting the city to […]

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